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Hi I’m Teresa

With my company, Happy Heart Design, I create customized graphic design with a heart that beats a little extra for health, mindfulness, and a balanced lifestyle — let’s work together!

About the founder:

Tailored designs promoting authenticity & consciousness

My name is Teresa, and creativity has been my constant companion for as long as I can remember. Taking a leap from the advertising industry, I’ve established my own company, Happy Heart Design. Here, I create tailor-made graphic designs with a heart that beats a little extra for health, mindfulness, and a balanced lifestyle — all to contribute to a better world.

In addition to independent courses in both graphic design, art, and art direction, I hold a higher vocational degree in graphic production and design, along with many years of experience in the sales industry. I also hold certificates as a yoga teacher and intuitive medium.

With my experience and knowledge, I aim to shape a future where my designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also act as a catalyst for positive change. Using my skills to promote awareness, well-being, and authenticity, and opening doors to a more balanced and harmonious existence both locally and globally — that’s my mission. What’s yours?

Contact me to discuss how Happy Heart Design can bring your visions to life.

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Are you looking for a design partner? Or is your project longing for some cosmic resonance? Whether it’s a logo, website or any other creative project, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how Happy Heart Design can help you. I’m also available to remotely support your marketing department, contact me to find out more.

Let’s create something beautiful together.

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